Chaotic Century Story

The year is 2120.

A brutal alien race has began a campaign to capture and destroy the people of Earth. For years a war between races raged on. When the last of the great human armies had fallen, the remaining surviors knew they had to escape if the human race was to survive.

A group of five ships left Earth on a mission to survive and one day take back our planet. The alien race known only as the Skaze found out of this plan and launched one final offensive to destroy the remaining people of Earth.

Five ships took off that day and only two made it off the planet. For months those that left drifted in the abyss of space before finally settling on an unknown world in the vast blackness of space.

Years went past, and they adapted to the new planet. Some people went out on their own, others formed large clans and began fighting amongst each other. The human race continues to wait for the day they will one day take the fight back to the Skaze and reclaim our lost planet. Hopefully, there's something left to take back.

Will that person be you? Join Chaotic Century today and begin your journey to find out!

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The Fight For Earth Begins

Suit up and load your weapons. Our beautiful planet was taken from us during a suprise attack from an unknown Alien Race. We need to return the favor and Save Our Planet!

Chaotic Century is a browser based (PBBG) space adventure game and space rpg that requires no download. We also promise no resets. In operation since 2012 this new game from the makers of Crimson Moon promises to leave you wanting more as you fight to take back our planet! This is a Free Text Game

Game Features: 2,336 Soldiers For Earth | 4 Enlisted Today | Clans | Battles | Questing | Roleplay | Forums & Chats | Much More